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Just Old-Fashioned Bounty Hunters

The Bebop
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Welcome to bebop_ratings, a rating community in which you are likened to a character from the anime series Cowboy Bebop.

Community Rules

1. Do NOT fill out your application in an attempt to get rated as a certain character. That is not the purpose of the community. Please answer all questions honestly. Your answers should reflect who you are, not what character you want to be seen as.
2. Please be respectful towards all members.
3. It would helpful if you would elaborate on your application. One word answers may not provide sufficient information to understand your personality and therefore you will not be rated accurately.
4. You do NOT have to be stamped to vote.
5. Please use a lj-cut, if you do not know how to use an lj-cut please click here. If you do not use a lj-cut, you will be warned once and if your application is not fixed, it will be deleted.
6. Please bold all votes. If you do not know how to bold your vote, go here. You can vote up to two characters for someone, in case you see qualities of more than one character in one person.
7. To prove that you've read through the rules, please type 'Space Cowboy' somewhere in the subject line. If you do not, we will assume you haven't read the rules. You'll be warned once to do so, and if you fail to edit, your application will be deleted.
8. You may reapply twice, and if reapplying you must put the word 'Reapply' somewhere in your subject line. You must wait at least two weeks after your last stamping to reapply.
9. You will get stamped after 7 votes or one week, whichever comes first.
10. Before you post your application, vote on at least 3 people. If there’s less than 3 people to vote on, then vote on the ones that need votes.


Please copy this application into a post:

Past themes are always available. Once you have been regular stamped, you are able to apply for any theme. For more information and rules regarding applying for past themes, please CLICK HERE.

April Theme- Mirror Theme.
May Theme- Matchmaker Theme.
June Theme- Opposite Theme.
July Theme- Theme Song Theme.
August Theme- Reopening Of All Themes.
September Theme- Mirror Lovechild Theme.
October Theme- Session Theme.
November Theme- Friends Theme.
December Theme- Mirror Matchmaker Theme.
January Theme- Reopening Of All Themes.
February Theme- Personality Lovechild Theme.
March Theme - Relationship Theme.
April Theme (2)- Quotes Theme.
May Theme (2)- Voice Theme.
June Theme (2)- Reopening Of All Themes.
July Theme (2)- Style Theme.
August Theme (2)- Crew Theme.
September Theme (2)- Sibling Theme
October Theme (2)- Coalition Theme
November Theme (2) - Reopening of All Themes.
December Theme (2) - Rival Theme.
January Theme (2)- Handwriting Theme
Feburary Theme (2) - Childhood Mirror Theme
March Theme (2) - Expression Theme
April Theme (3) - Reopening of All Themes.
May Theme (3) - Room Theme
June Theme (3) - Bounty Theme
July Theme (3)- Location Theme
August Theme (3)- Item Theme
September Theme [ C U R R E N T ] - Movie Theme

These are currently the characters that stamps are available for:

Alisa Katerina Andy Lin Annie Meifa Big Shot Duo The Old Men Chessmaster Hex Pierrot Le Fou Ed Roco Ein Shin Electra Spike Faye Stella Gren Vicious Jet Vincent Volaju Julia V.T Appledelhi Asimov Coffee Domino Doohan Fad Laughing Bull Lee Samson Mao Yenrai Maria Murdock Miles Teddy Bomber Rhint Udai Wen Witney Young!Faye

The stamps can be viewed here.
Please do not limit yourself to voting only characters found on this list.


Maintainer and Creator: retroreflection (Stamped as Alisa)
Graphics made by: retroreflection
Layout made by: chungsparadise

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If you wish to affiliate, please leave a comment in any mod post.

Points System

Here at bebop_ratings we have a unique point system to reward participation and promotion. Members are given 1 point each time they vote on an application, 2 points for submitting an application, and 3 points for promoting the community. For more information on the point system, please refer to THIS POST. At the end of every month the points are added up and the top three members with the most points recieve a prize.

1st- $5 Livejournal certificate
2nd- Choice of 100 userpics for 2 months or 2 virtual gifts * **
3rd- One virtual gift *
* Virtual gift will be choosen by moderator, unless winner has a specific request.
**Those who do not have a paid account will automatically recieve 2 virtual gifts.

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